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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions are applicable to your browsing, usage, and purchase of products in this VIENNII website. Prior to the usage of this or any part of this website, please read this and the following clauses. Your usage of this or any part of this website represent your consent to accept and would be bound by the terms and conditions sets forth herein.

VIENNII makes every effort to provide the latest information and prices of goods through this website, and inventory supply of the goods, and we reserve the rights to make changes on pricing of the goods without prior notice. If any of our goods are not available to customers due to shortage of inventory, we have the rights to decline the order purchase, or make necessary arrangement to provide alternate goods in similar category and pricing. Should we be unable to fulfill the items on your order purchase of goods or services, we would notify you through email or WhatsApp.


The information in this VIENNII website may be subject to protection by applicable the laws include but not limited to Intellectual Property Right Protection and Copyright Protection. The registered name, logo, design, information, text, imageries, icons, sounds, video and other forms of intellectual property are the assets owned by VIENNII or by the owner who has authorized for use, VIENNII reserves to right to take action against unauthorized use. If anyone without express authorization by VIENNII, upload, download, copy, transfer, print, post, storage or through any other means to publicly display, broadcast or communication or any commercial purpose in general public, the perpetuator may have contravened the aforementioned law or copyright protection.

Personal Data Privacy 

VIENNII respect end made all effort to protect the personal data privacy of customers under the applicable laws in Hong Kong, and only authorized persons have access to the data. The information data collected through this website would be kept in storage for a reasonable period of time, and for the purpose of to assist on market analysis in order to provide better products and services. The information data collected can be used by VIENNII for purpose of promotion or customer relationship building. If you would opt for not to receive such communications from VIENNII, please contact us. VIENNII reserves the rights to make changes to any of the clauses, and make the final decision should there be any dispute.

Services Suppliers


Within the remit of the stated purpose in the aforementioned data privacy protection policy, we would provide the bare minimum of your information data that is compulsory for the our services suppliers to render the necessary services to you. This includes but not limited to such purpose as courier partners in delivery of the purchased goods to you, and the payment services providers VISA / MASTER / STRIPE in payments processing. In accordance with VIENNII request, these services suppliers would only use the information data provided for the purpose stated in the aforementioned data privacy protection policy, and we would take step to ensure these services suppliers operate accordingly.


If you have any comment, question, viewpoint or concern, or consider under any circumstances indicating deviation from the aforementioned data privacy protection policy, please contact us at any time. If you consider that it is difficult for VIENNII to resolve dispute due to information data privacy, you have the right to lodge disputes with the relevant authority in the country of your domicile.

We make all reasonable effort to ensure that the storage of customers information data are secured and reliable. The information data are only accessible by designated employees within VIENNII or by the third parties mentioned in the aforementioned data privacy protection policy.


As you are aware, there is no computers systems that are impenetrable, and that there is no foolproof to the security of information data in transit through electronic network. Therefore, we are unable to ensure that the security of the information data that you provide to us through electronic network or vice versa.

 Delivery and courier

1.Before the dispatch of any goods, designated staff in VIENNII diligently check in order to ensure the quality and quantity of the goods of your purchase order prior to logistic delivery by our courier partner. Customers are kindly requested to immediately check the content of the goods upon courier delivery. Should there be any discrepancies between the content and the items listed on your invoice, customers should decline to accept the delivery and at the same time request the courier to return the goods to VIENNII. In addition, customers should inform VIENNII as soon as possible on the matter concerned. (Customer must retain a copy of the delivery notice from courier and the original receipt from VIENNII, in order to allow VIENNII to follow up with our courier partner and make necessary arrangement with the customer) ;

2. Please note that VIENNII is not liable to the risk and repercussions during the course of delivery including but not limited to delay, damages, loss or stolen. Customers need to beware and liable for such risk and repercussions ;

3. Non-delivery of goods may arise due to various reasons such as incorrect address provided by customers, recipient not being available upon delivery, or there is no such person to receive delivery of the goods. As soon as VIENNII becomes aware of such non-delivery of goods, we would make every effort to inform the customer via email or telephone, in order to arrange another delivery. Customer is liable for the cost of the further delivery, and VIENNIE would arrange to collect the delivery fee from customer ;

4. If upon receipt of the goods, customer would want to change the size of the goods, VIENNII would offer a ‘one-time’ change of the goods after sales (Customers must retain and provide the original receipt from VIENNII) ; 

Methods of ‘one-time’ change of goods:

i. In person visit VIENNII showroom to change the goods (Prior to the visit, customer must contact VIENNII in advance by telephone, or WhatsApp, this would ensure the correct size of the goods are available in order to avoid inconvenience to customer, and please note our address and service hours as follows:

Address: 5/F, Fuk Tsun Factory Building, 60-68 Fuk Tsun Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Service hours: 

Monday – Friday 10.00 am to 5.30 pm

Saturday: 10.00 am to 12.30 pm

Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed

ii. Customer may also choose to return the goods to VIENNII by post. The cost of the postal delivery I to be borne by the customer.

- Customer is kindly requested to inform VIENNII the size of the goods the customer would like to change, and also confirm the method of delivery. The cost of the delivery would be borne by VIENNII (Please note that such delivery only includes S.F. Store, S.F. EF Locker and S.F. delivery to commercial address. If delivery to residential address or more remote area, the cost of delivery is to be borne by the customer)

- In case the size of the goods are not available, customer may choose another goods of the same price. Customer needs to pay for the price difference if the price of the other goods is higher. Customer should note that if the price of the other goods is lower, VIENNII would not make reimbursement of the price difference to the customer.

VIENNII reserves all rights to make any changes on the terms and conditions.

In case of any dispute, VIENNII reserves the right to make the final decision.